Christian Quast – Moments & Functions

Salto presents „Moments & Functions“ by Christian Quast. The 4 tracks from this EP were created in one session. Recorded directly without major postprocessing of the arrangement on the computer. Used equipment: Circlon, Korg Electribes, Roland TR909, Korg Volca FM, Mbase11, Waldorf Pulse 1, Spectral Audio Neptune and more. A colorful mix of the Gernes…

Creators of Techno, Vol. 6

Futureaudio präsentiert Volume 6 der erfolgreichen Creators of Techno Serie u.a. mit exclusiven und unveröffentlichen Titeln von Zenker & Harada, Daniel Stefanik, Christian Quast, Superstrobe ft. P`Cay, Peter Kirn, Omsk Information & Dr. Walker u.v.m., das ganze auch als ca. 1,5h Dj Mix. Futureaudio Recordings 18.08.2017

Christian Quast – DINSync Sessions

DINSYNC SESSIONS As soon as you read the title, you know what’s going on! Christian Quast is sending some rough’n’rowdy techno sessions handmade from the studio to Snork Enterprises. The whole release is a tribute to old school electronic music. And the track titles speak volumes. “Total Modular”, “ReturnY30”, “BergHain Sachter”, “Kasseler Berge”, and “Popodrome”…

Christian Quast – I`m Sorry

Salto Recordings presents: Christian Quast – I`m Sorry. „You did not want to hear it because you knew exactly what was going to happen.“ Joy, misunderstanding, helplessness, sadness, destruction and life, all wrapped up in a title: „I’m sorry,“ which Christian Quast wrote many years ago for a certain person. Salto Recordings 02.7.2017