Spank it Up!

„Spank it Up“ was ultimately one of those songs that was half-finished on the hard drive. The main sequence comes from the Roland JX-3P and was created with the internal sequencer (including live modulations). All other sounds were also from this synth and were alienated with different Cubase or hardware effects. The track was recorded…


…. the days when new machines arrived … unpack … test … be thankful ..! What could it have been? [igp-video src=““ poster=“…-unpack-…-test-…-be-thankful-..-what-could-it-have-been-7.jpg“ size=“large“]

old Computer…

When browsing old hard drives you will always find old ideas and tracks that you have not completed. On „Analog Culture“ are 3 tracks, some of which were once thought for another sample library on Ueberschall. These tracks are therefore more in the former, emerging minimal house settled and around 10 years old. [igp-video src=“″…

UK Collab!

Another successful collaboration, this time with Brian Aneurysm. Wessex – still one of my alltime favorites! Most of the sounds were done again with the Roland JX-3P. [igp-video src=“″ poster=““ size=“large“]

… 2007.. WOW

its been a while when i did this record on BPitch.. get it here as digital download … [igp-video src=““ poster=“…its-been-a-while-when-i-did-this-record-on-bpitch..-get-it-here-as-digital-download-…-2.jpg“ size=“large“]