…. the days when new machines arrived … unpack … test … be thankful ..! What could it have been? [igp-video src=““ poster=“…-unpack-…-test-…-be-thankful-..-what-could-it-have-been-7.jpg“ size=“large“]

old Computer…

When browsing old hard drives you will always find old ideas and tracks that you have not completed. On „Analog Culture“ are 3 tracks, some of which were once thought for another sample library on Ueberschall. These tracks are therefore more in the former, emerging minimal house settled and around 10 years old. [igp-video src=“″…

UK Collab!

Another successful collaboration, this time with Brian Aneurysm. Wessex – still one of my alltime favorites! Most of the sounds were done again with the Roland JX-3P. [igp-video src=“″ poster=““ size=“large“]

… 2007.. WOW

its been a while when i did this record on BPitch.. get it here as digital download … [igp-video src=““ poster=“…its-been-a-while-when-i-did-this-record-on-bpitch..-get-it-here-as-digital-download-…-2.jpg“ size=“large“]