UK Collab!

Another successful collaboration, this time with Brian Aneurysm. Wessex – still one of my alltime favorites! Most of the sounds were done again with the Roland JX-3P. [igp-video src=“″ poster=““ size=“large“]

Deep Trip

Yatsuo Motoki – Deep Trip. Indeed… this one is really deep and most of the sounds are coming from the Roland Jx-3P as far as i remember … [igp-video src=“…-this-one-is-really-deep-and-most-of-the-sounds-are-coming-from-th-6.mp4″ poster=“…-this-one-is-really-deep-and-most-of-the-sounds-are-coming-from-th-6.jpg“ size=“large“]

Back in the days i‘ve been part of the successful project: Yatsuo Motoki. Good times… ! unfortunately it was not long lasting..

[igp-video src=“‘ve-been-part-of-the-successful-project-yatsuo-motoki.-good-times…-unfortunate-15.mp4″ poster=“‘ve-been-part-of-the-successful-project-yatsuo-motoki.-good-times…-unfortunate-15.jpg“ size=“large“]